Date: 2010-05-02 12:05 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] leora
Hello. I'm a straight cis-female severely disabled person. My household is a V which I am the center of, although each of my partners is free to pursue other people as they wish (safe-sex boundaries and keeping people informed does apply). I am also free to pursue people as I wish within those limits, although it doesn't come up much since I'm partially housebound. I'm incredibly lucky to have really great friends and partners though, so it's not nearly as lonely or as socially isolating as that is for many people who are partially housebound. I'm semi-out. My friends tend to know, but my family doesn't, because it's just easier that way and I don't want the drama. I also like low drama in my life.

I've been with one of my partners for just over 12 years and the other will be at the 3 year mark this month, although we've been friends for over a decade. I tend to be friends with people well before I have a relationship with them. The longer relationship is hoping to be permanent, but the shorter one was started with the understanding that it may be redefined later, as we have some different long-term goals that aren't that compatible. But we're hoping to maintain the friendship either way, and we'll see how we need to change things as life happens. But if we end up breaking up, it's not exactly a failure, as we're hoping to enjoy it while it seems like a good idea for both of us. It's working out surprisingly well, which may mean I'm a bit of a pessimist.

I am not sure what I think of group sex, and it'd probably depend on the group. I also do not like bigots. Oh and I also live with two cats. They are absolutely lovely, purry, affectionate cats (except to each other *sighs*) although they've had some serious health issues lately which have been the largest recent stresser for my household. But at the moment, things are looking a bit up on that front, and I'm hoping that will continue.
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