Date: 2010-05-03 11:10 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] azurelunatic
Azz. Female, reasonably comfortable with the non-painful bits of female biology, and gender identity ranging from happily cis to mildly genderqueer and wishing for Betan medicine depending on the day and how strongly any of the ciswomen in the vicinity are invoking the "I refuse to share a gender with you" response. (That response is a variant of the "You. Stop being on my side. You're making me look bad.") Dogsitting/looking for work/volunteer tech support-slash-spamwhacker-slash-user-facing-social-networking-design-guru.

Raised with poly ethics from preschool thanks to Raffi ("The More We Get Together" and "The Sharing Song"), just passed my decade-and-a-half anniversary of coming out as bisexual and realizing I was bisexual (in that order), which realization was itself a function of the poly ethics at work. (No, I don't mind if you walk back from class with that hot senior; I'd do the same myself under the same circumstances. No, I'm not going to kill you. Yeah, she is hot, isn't she. ...Why, yes, I do appear to be bisexual. Huh.) Currently technically single, but with a long-term unrequited love for my best friend that takes the same sort of care-and-scheduling as an actual long-distance primary relationship. Surprisingly sane given the above, though the agoraphobia and depression help make up for that.

Displaced Alaskan living in the San Francisco Bay area (other side of the bay from [personal profile] leora), curious about the practical aspects of kink, fannish, a writer. Slow to grant trust, and averse to presumptions of trust or requests for more trust than has been granted, but open to general friendly interaction.
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