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Maybe try and get this ball rolling a bit more by doing an intro thread?

I'm Trix, I work in IT (I'm sure NO-ONE else here does, /sarcasm) as a systems administrator/team leader, have been openly poly for over a decade (I was in denial before then), am 95% a lesbian and 100% queer and have been out for over 2 decades, currently single (alas), am a fairly typical leftie feminist, do not like group sex or bigots (these categories are fairly orthogonal to each other), interested in some kink, actually a New Zealander but (temporarily) living in Oz, and like electronica music, food and drink of many descriptions (and making same, when I have an appreciative audience), wit, and NO DRAMA and GOOD BOUNDARIES.

Anyone else?
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Hello. I'm a straight cis-female severely disabled person. My household is a V which I am the center of, although each of my partners is free to pursue other people as they wish (safe-sex boundaries and keeping people informed does apply). I am also free to pursue people as I wish within those limits, although it doesn't come up much since I'm partially housebound. I'm incredibly lucky to have really great friends and partners though, so it's not nearly as lonely or as socially isolating as that is for many people who are partially housebound. I'm semi-out. My friends tend to know, but my family doesn't, because it's just easier that way and I don't want the drama. I also like low drama in my life.

I've been with one of my partners for just over 12 years and the other will be at the 3 year mark this month, although we've been friends for over a decade. I tend to be friends with people well before I have a relationship with them. The longer relationship is hoping to be permanent, but the shorter one was started with the understanding that it may be redefined later, as we have some different long-term goals that aren't that compatible. But we're hoping to maintain the friendship either way, and we'll see how we need to change things as life happens. But if we end up breaking up, it's not exactly a failure, as we're hoping to enjoy it while it seems like a good idea for both of us. It's working out surprisingly well, which may mean I'm a bit of a pessimist.

I am not sure what I think of group sex, and it'd probably depend on the group. I also do not like bigots. Oh and I also live with two cats. They are absolutely lovely, purry, affectionate cats (except to each other *sighs*) although they've had some serious health issues lately which have been the largest recent stresser for my household. But at the moment, things are looking a bit up on that front, and I'm hoping that will continue.
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Male, straight, been with my primary for 20+ years, two other partners (one of which is formally married & has another live-in partner, the other of which is partnered only with me.) Wildlife rehabilitator, pagan, gamer, re-enactor, stuff ike that. Yes, I'm kinky to boot. Don't try to define my politics, you will fail miserably. I'm also a highly active smartass, getting to know me can be...touchy.
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I'm Ryan.

Been openly poly for a couple of years, out as TG butch for a couple of months, been through a whole rainbow of gender identities before that. All I know for sure is that I'm queer - really really queer. Currently exploring kinkiness of a few different kinds, mostly asexually.

I like cats and dogs and birds, gardening, reading kids books and watching kids movies. Recently relocated to Melbourne from Canberra, and settling into a share house where the rent is cheap, the people good, and the garden in need of my tender loving administrations.

Currently single and actually pretty happy that way, and not looking to change it. Have had more than my fair of drama lately, and figure that taking a break from relationships might help reduce that. :)

*waves to Trix* Fancy meeting you here. ;)
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Jennie, bi cis female. Three and a half years with [personal profile] matgb as my primary. I have a range of secondaries, three male and one female, all of which are distance, and he doesn't currently have any. Both of us are free to pursue, within boundaries, but I'm a lot more proactive about it than him. ;)

Politics are very Liberal - I'm standing as a Liberal candidate for election in three days time, in fact *wibble* - religion is non existent, although I do tend to follow pagan calendar dates because I think it's important to mark the passage of time.

I'm musically very eclectic, and I love real ale.
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[personal profile] fizzyblogic 2010-05-02 07:27 pm (UTC)(link)
Hi! I'm Jason, mid-20s, male, mostly gay, in a triad that's part of a larger V. (I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years, we've been with our girlfriend for 2 years, and he's also with his other girlfriend for 1 year. We're all friends, which is lovely.) I'm British, disabled, openly poly, kinky, geeky, enthusiastic and a cat person. A very enthusiastic cat person! :D I read a lot of social justice blogs and do my best to confront the privileges I have, and post about it sometimes. I do a lot of thinking, a lot of reading, a lot of living with disability, and a lot of curling up with my cat while he naps. :)
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*Waves* chesh, genderqueer and queer, white, middleclass and disabled currently have a partner who is to far away and a lover who is not.

Lefty, very kinky with a strong bottomy bias.
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Azz. Female, reasonably comfortable with the non-painful bits of female biology, and gender identity ranging from happily cis to mildly genderqueer and wishing for Betan medicine depending on the day and how strongly any of the ciswomen in the vicinity are invoking the "I refuse to share a gender with you" response. (That response is a variant of the "You. Stop being on my side. You're making me look bad.") Dogsitting/looking for work/volunteer tech support-slash-spamwhacker-slash-user-facing-social-networking-design-guru.

Raised with poly ethics from preschool thanks to Raffi ("The More We Get Together" and "The Sharing Song"), just passed my decade-and-a-half anniversary of coming out as bisexual and realizing I was bisexual (in that order), which realization was itself a function of the poly ethics at work. (No, I don't mind if you walk back from class with that hot senior; I'd do the same myself under the same circumstances. No, I'm not going to kill you. Yeah, she is hot, isn't she. ...Why, yes, I do appear to be bisexual. Huh.) Currently technically single, but with a long-term unrequited love for my best friend that takes the same sort of care-and-scheduling as an actual long-distance primary relationship. Surprisingly sane given the above, though the agoraphobia and depression help make up for that.

Displaced Alaskan living in the San Francisco Bay area (other side of the bay from [personal profile] leora), curious about the practical aspects of kink, fannish, a writer. Slow to grant trust, and averse to presumptions of trust or requests for more trust than has been granted, but open to general friendly interaction.
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(Replying a bit late here, but...)

Female, late 20s, pagan, bi, part of a triad. My boyfriend and girlfriend have been together for over five (six?) years, and the three of us have been together for over one year. We are more than a little kinky.

I enjoy writing and drawing - both fannish and original stuff - cooking, watching anime, reading manga, and occasionally cosplaying.