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Maybe try and get this ball rolling a bit more by doing an intro thread?

I'm Trix, I work in IT (I'm sure NO-ONE else here does, /sarcasm) as a systems administrator/team leader, have been openly poly for over a decade (I was in denial before then), am 95% a lesbian and 100% queer and have been out for over 2 decades, currently single (alas), am a fairly typical leftie feminist, do not like group sex or bigots (these categories are fairly orthogonal to each other), interested in some kink, actually a New Zealander but (temporarily) living in Oz, and like electronica music, food and drink of many descriptions (and making same, when I have an appreciative audience), wit, and NO DRAMA and GOOD BOUNDARIES.

Anyone else?

Date: 2010-05-02 05:20 am (UTC)
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I'm Ryan.

Been openly poly for a couple of years, out as TG butch for a couple of months, been through a whole rainbow of gender identities before that. All I know for sure is that I'm queer - really really queer. Currently exploring kinkiness of a few different kinds, mostly asexually.

I like cats and dogs and birds, gardening, reading kids books and watching kids movies. Recently relocated to Melbourne from Canberra, and settling into a share house where the rent is cheap, the people good, and the garden in need of my tender loving administrations.

Currently single and actually pretty happy that way, and not looking to change it. Have had more than my fair of drama lately, and figure that taking a break from relationships might help reduce that. :)

*waves to Trix* Fancy meeting you here. ;)



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