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TheBlackMamba ([personal profile] theblackmamba) wrote in [community profile] polyamory2011-09-30 09:27 am

Add me?

While I am new to DW, I am not new to journaling. I came here from another site and am just getting settled in here.

I am a bi, poly, kinky, black, liberal, unconventional, bibliophile, secularist. My journal encompasses all of these aspects and many more. Shenanigans and hijinks ensue.

I try to post about topics that are important to me and that have substance as to spare my friends (and myself) from the tedious, day-to-day junk.

I post 1 - 2 times a week, read my f-list every day and comment often.

I enjoy reading journals of people from all walks of life - especially if they are much different from my own.

18+ only, 25+ preferred.

Add me!