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Maybe try and get this ball rolling a bit more by doing an intro thread?

I'm Trix, I work in IT (I'm sure NO-ONE else here does, /sarcasm) as a systems administrator/team leader, have been openly poly for over a decade (I was in denial before then), am 95% a lesbian and 100% queer and have been out for over 2 decades, currently single (alas), am a fairly typical leftie feminist, do not like group sex or bigots (these categories are fairly orthogonal to each other), interested in some kink, actually a New Zealander but (temporarily) living in Oz, and like electronica music, food and drink of many descriptions (and making same, when I have an appreciative audience), wit, and NO DRAMA and GOOD BOUNDARIES.

Anyone else?

Date: 2010-05-02 09:23 am (UTC)
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Jennie, bi cis female. Three and a half years with [personal profile] matgb as my primary. I have a range of secondaries, three male and one female, all of which are distance, and he doesn't currently have any. Both of us are free to pursue, within boundaries, but I'm a lot more proactive about it than him. ;)

Politics are very Liberal - I'm standing as a Liberal candidate for election in three days time, in fact *wibble* - religion is non existent, although I do tend to follow pagan calendar dates because I think it's important to mark the passage of time.

I'm musically very eclectic, and I love real ale.



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